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Will enterprise drone adoption outpace consumer drones in 2019?

July 24, 2019 Sally French 0 News, Consumer drones such as the Phantom and Mavic line of drones have dominated not just the consumer drone market of hobbyists, or professional photographers. Even commercial users looking to use drones n technical fields like inspections, mining, oil and gas and agriculture have been using fairly low-cost drones […]

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The best drone for carrying a LiDAR sensor

July 22, 2019 Sally French 0 News, If you need to create an advanced aerial 3D map of something like a bridge, the ground underneath a dense forest canopy, or even the massive Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio, you may need to use LiDAR. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a sensor technology […]

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Drone Girl to lead 2019 Lincoln County Photo Festival drone workshop

April 12, 2019 Sally French 0 Events, The words “drones” and “Nevada” might conjure up images of the myriad of Las Vegas-based drone conferences, of now-hard-to-get (due to FAA rules) aerial shots of the Las Vegas strip, or even that bizarre (and dangerous) airplane video. But there’s another reason for drone pilots to head to […]

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No one (publicly) cares about drones flying over people, and that’s a big problem

April 9, 2019 Sally French 3 News, Whenever the Federal Aviation Administration proposes new rules, there is generally a period of public comment, where regular people, drone pilots and companies can submit their opinions online. We’re currently in one of those periods, in the wake of the FAA’s January 2019 proposed new rules that could […]

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